Resolution 1738

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Resolution 1636 (2008)

Indicators for media in a democracy

The United Nations Security Council  unanimously adopted a resolution calling for more action to protect journalists in conflict zones. The decision reflects the crisis in Iraq where more than 60 journalists and media staff have died in 2006 alone.

The campaign for a United Nations resolution was launched by the International Federation of Journalists which prepared a draft resolution almost two years ago. With the support of the International News Safety Institute and the European Broadcasting Union as well as national journalists’ unions, the campaign lobbied Security Council members for action. Resolution 1738 condemns intentional attacks against journalists "and calls upon all parties to put an end to such practices".

The Security Council stresses that the deliberate targeting of civilians "may constitute a threat to international peace and security" and reaffirms its readiness "to consider such situations and, where necessary, to adopt appropriate steps".

The resolution "urges all parties involved in situations of armed conflict to respect the professional independence and rights of journalists, media professionals and associated personnel as civilians". It also urges warring parties "to do their utmost to prevent violations of international humanitarian law against civilians, including journalists, media professionals and associated personnel".

The resolution emphasises that there are existing prohibitions under international humanitarian law against attacks intentionally directed against civilians, including journalists, "which in situations of armed conflicts constitute war crimes".
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