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We regularly deliver bespoke medical and security courses for our oil and mineral exploration clients around the globe with recent instructions including China, Kurdistand, Canada and Mexico. All the subjects listed below in italics are available for clients to build their own course contents.


Although each subject is listed under a major heading, some are applicable to other areas e.g. Vehicle Security can also be instructed under Vehicle Training as well as Security. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of hours normally required to cover this subject to an acceptable level, although a shorter introductory or longer detailed sessions are both possible.

Planning & Analysis                                    Security                                                  
Threat Identification (1) Vehicle Security (3)
Operational Planning (1) Civil Disturbance (2)
Country Briefs (1) Personal & Group Security (3)
Crisis Management (2) Building Security (2)
Logistics Management (3) Mines & IED Awareness (2)
    Aviation Safety (1)
    Urban Disturbances (2)
Arrest & Detention   Medical & First Aid  
Hostage Negotiation (3) Battlefield First Aid (16)
Hostage Awareness Training (3) Environmental Injuries (1)
Conduct After Capture (3) Basic First Aid & Life Support (6)
    Ballistic Wounding Awareness (2)
    Stress Psychology (1)
    CBRN First Aid (16)
Vehicle Training   Environmental Training  
4x4 Vehicle Training (6) CBRN Training (16)
Vehicle Maintenance (3) Jungle Training (16)
Improvised Vehicle Recovery (3) Desert Training (16)
    Working With Helicopters (1)
    Navigation (16)
    Remote Area Survival (16)
    Working With Security Forces (2)

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"Highly enjoyable and informative - with great practicalities and excellent experience level from course tutors"

Simon - ITN

Safety, medical and security, kidnap awareness and kidnap conduct after capyure training for oil, gas and mineral exploration companies. Safety training China, canada, mexico, south america, norway, denmark, turkey, greece, africa, asia, europe.

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