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At Risk Lifesigns, we have been providing safety and location support to major news, media and film projects for over a decade (one of our recent projects including BBC's The Human Planet series where we provided Remote Area Medics overseas and pre deployment safety consultation and training in the UK).

Our clients in this field are travelling and operating in increasingly remote, challenging and hostile regions of the world. Most locations do not have first world safety standards or medical facilities and so it is vitally important to have expert safety staff and qualified medical professionals on-site should the unexpected happen. We can provide the peace of mind to allow you to focus on the production of your project.


Similarly, it is important that your production teams are prepared through training and security/travel health briefings to live and work safely in these environments.


We regularly provide comprehensive safety and remote environment training packages for media and film clients as well as medical and logistical support for production teams and have an impressive portfolio of experienced staff, from Doctors with A&E experience to Paramedics and Combat Medical Technicians with significant remote area medical and safety experience.


Click here for remote medical training courses or click here for STRAP courses.

We can also provide other services such as:

  • TV and film safety stores and equipment
  • Medical, logistic and safety staff
  • Driver training for long term projects in country
  • Casualty Evacuation Plans
  • Risk Assessment
  • Pre-departure training courses
  • Satellite telephones
  • VHF Radios
  • Medical equipment
  • 24-hour remote medical support

Television Productions that we have assisted with safety services and training include:

Animal Planet

Bear Grylls Mission Survive


Bird in a Biplane

Channel 4: Time Crashers

BBC Human Planet

Expedition Mungo

ITN News

BBC News

Inventions That Changed The World

Expedition Papua

National Geographic

Kitchen Brigade


ITV: Splash! 

Grown up Gappers

Aluna the movie

Kenyon Confronts

Chris Tarrant's Extreme Railways Channel 

BBC: Destination D-Day 

SAS Are You Tough Enough Jungle

SAS Are You Tough Enough Desert

Last Man Standing

The Brigade

The Challenge

100 Years Younger

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