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"Highly enjoyable and informative - with great practicalities and excellent experience level from course tutors"

Simon - ITN

Dale Templar - Series Producer BBC


The BBC has employed Risk Lifesigns for a wide range of tasks in support of overseas productions, both in training and an operational capacity. As Series Producer, I have always been impressed at the adaptability and professionalism displayed by personnel from this company.


I have been directly involved with the company over two series of ‘SAS – Are You Tough Enough?’ Risk Lifesigns provided bespoke training courses for the production teams before deploying to the jungles of Borneo and the deserts of Namibia. These courses included First Aid, Navigation, Survival Skills, Environmental Awareness and Team Building. The breadth of subjects covered displayed the depth of knowledge that the instructors at this company have, but what impressed us most was the style in which the information was given.


Risk Lifesigns has assisted the BBC on numerous overseas projects. In Namibia, the company provided tight administrative support during the filming of SAS Desert, ensuring that all equipment was accounted for and in good operational condition. In addition, the company set up the abseil for the contestants, which involved the securing on rock of a 70m descent. In Ethiopia, the company assisted in a detailed reconnaissance to the Danakil Depression where we were to assess the feasibility of filming inside an active volcano. Again the company were meticulous in attention to detail, both in the planning process and in all matters concerning safety. On both overseas trips, the company members were shining examples of what a professional and competent organisation should be. In the UK, Risk Lifesigns provided bespoke training courses and undertook the selection training for 120 potential candidates for the series “Destination D-Day” then went on the assist in logistical and medical support of the series.


I am aware that the BBC has also used this company for the training of journalists in CBRN protection, deploying to Gulf War 2 and for The Challenge, an adventure racing reality show. As a corporation, we intend to continue to employ Risk Lifesigns in a variety of roles and are very happy with the value for money product produced. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to you.

Michelle Gauntlett, IWC Media


'Great to be able have access to detailed information from experienced guys who have been on the ground in South America – Medical, Security & Hostile Environment training that opened a few eyes….’   

P.C. Exploration Manager, Mineral Exploration Company


"Thank you again for such an informative, useful, incredibly thorough and very enjoyable course.  Your time, efforts and expertise are very much appreciated – we all benefited immensely from the course!"

Safety Training for Remote Area Personnel (TM) course.

'Seriously experienced guys in charge: terrific first aid stuff and intelligent security scenarios from which even this old war horse learned!'


Jon Snow - Presenter Channel 4 News


Photo © Channel 4 News

Julia Macfarlane (attended a media Hostile Environment Training course as ITN staff and now works for the BBC World Service). Posted on a media forum and reproduced with the author's permission:


 “…This is the group that did my hostile environment training - I thought they were brilliant and the course covered everything I'd hoped for, including tech and device safety when abroad, and taught by a really experienced team who were able to illustrate pretty much every scenario with their own personal experience. Happy to give more info if anyone is considering doing one of their courses…”

T. Coleman SRK consulting (Canada). Safety training for Remote Area Personnel. 


"Practical and effective safety and security training for those in the exploration sector operating in challenging environments, delivered by instructors with significant relevant experience. I would highly recommend to other companies in our field."

Safety Training For Remote Area Personnel (5-day course) Vancouver , Canada


As an experienced traveler and consulting field archaeologist, very familiar in working in challenging and increasingly unfriendly environments around the globe, I found the Safety Training for Remote Area Personnel (five day course) in Vancouver to be excellent. The security and travel safety sessions were sensible, practical (rather than unnecessarily alarmist) and very useful.

Likewise, as a qualified and current Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT), and an Incident Commander of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team, I can confirm that the Remote Area Medical Training content was well delivered (by two very experienced instructors).  More importantly, the training was realistic and effective. As an owner of a company that frequently operates in hazardous, high risk environments, I feel his type of training should be given to all project managers and field workers going overseas, as well as those working demanding and remote domestic locations.  This is a highly recommended course.

Senior Field Geologist, Risk Management Course


"...this course teaches not only just the different dangers that exist for us when working in (hostileand and/or challenging) environments but also supplies us with the tools, techniques, knowledge and ideas on how to mitigate those dangers where possible and react effectively to incidents when they occur..."

Senior Lecturer, School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, University of Durham


Can I add my many thanks again for your time spent with us last week on the first aid course. You provided, once again an exceptionally clear, relevant and fully interactive course of very high practicality related to our exploration first aid needs, both in terms of our commitments related to group field course training around the world as well as our range of particular needs related to our own fieldwork research in remote places.


 I was delighted to meet you once again. It has been a dozen years or so now, at least, since you first provided form our needs and, once again, it was very reassuring to have the relevant practical tests set in a very realistic manner and to see how first aid in the field continues to change and develop in its practice.


Thanks again, I and the whole group found it to be most enjoyable and thoroughly reassuring - looking forward to the next time.... Cheers and have some great, safe, trips to all those exotic places,


Dr B

 T.W. Hostile Environment Course for scientists working in Central America


"...The Hostile environments course is a great week of practical scenarios to get your team ready for the field. From being held hostage to catastrophic bleeding scenarios, the very experienced instructors will make you better prepared for the field!..."

Exploration Geologist, Field Safety Training, Desert Survival and Safety course


Wilderness survival skills were thoroughly covered by knowledgeable staff which displayed a vast amount of experience in the subjects taught. Great course.

Operations Manager, British Exploring Society 


"... I received this quote from one of the Trainees this morning that sums it up I think!

“Our first aid course was really fascinating for me and a great insight into how important it is to have such a skill set when it comes to expeditioning.”

For us these courses make sense and are totally relevant to our expeditions and environments." (Remote area medical training programme ranging from basic to advanced courses, basic two day training for assistant leaders, refresher training for leaders and advanced medical skills for expedition medics - delivered at a number of UK locations). 

Health & Safety Manager, Weatherford Oil, Kurdistan
The excellent training recently delivered by Risk Lifesigns has enhanced the capability of our workforce beyond all expectation.  The positive effect on the safety culture of our workforce is tangible and it has helped to establish a solid base on which we can build with the local employees.
 The pace and level of training was just right and accounted for the varied experience and knowledge of multinational students  with first rate results. I cannot recommend Risk Lifesigns and their highly professional staff strongly enough. 
 Thank you for your support  and I look forward to using Risk Lifesigns again in future.
 Kind Regards
QHSSE  Manager Kurdistan
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